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The most important election on the ballot is Marc Tiritilli for Mayor - Mayor Koos and some of his friends have been running attack ads and doing hit pieces because they know they can't run on the Mayor's record - $2200+ in new debt for every man, woman, and child in Normal, even while they they've raised numerous taxes and fees and used TIFs to siphon tax money away from our schools.

There are four Public Servants on the ballot for Normal Town Council.  David Paul Blumenshine, Steve Harsh, Karl Sila, and Donna M. Toney.  It's only a 'pick 3' election, so don't for for All of us!  I'm running a coordinated campaign with David and Steve, but Donna is also clearly running for the public good and not a politician so Normal would still be well served if she were elected.
The other five candidates are either incumbents who've already shown they won't stand up to Koos or they have strong ties to Koos or other politicians which means they'll likely 'go along to get along'. :-(

Other recommendations include Janelle Czapar and Jeremy DeHaai for Unit5 Board and Carl Haney for Normal Township Trustee.

The two write-in blanks are for Amy Conklin for Normal Township Supervisor and Ray Ropp for Normal Township Trustee.  I ran as a write-in last time so I know it's important to let people know they have that voting option!
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