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There really is only one question on the ballot...

4500 people signed a petition to save the mural downtown off the circle.  The Council's initial reaction was that that wasn't even valid input.

Over 2000 people signed petitions to have a referendum to give Normal a district system, like Bloomington's ward system, so that citizens would be guaranteed accountable representation.  As it stands now, the entire council effectively lives between Linden and Towanda, in two clusters that are among the whitest and wealthiest areas of town.  Some residents live over 3 miles from the nearest council member.  Knowing exactly who to contact and who to hold accountable for Town issues helps provide better representation.  Three council candidates thing better representation is a good idea; three think that is a bad idea or have made no comment.

Roughly a thousand people signed petitions for Normal to have more elected positions, and thus more citizen representation than we currently have.  The town paid for a team of Chicago lawyers to fight against better representation.

The Mayor has pushed a bill in Springfield (H.B.3337) that would allow him to effectively dissolve our elected town council and fill it with people who will rubber-stamp whatever he wants.  This is not much different from what we have now, but it would remove all pretense of listening to outside opinions.

Public input was more than 50-to-1 (some say over 100-to-1) against allowing alcohol sales in the One Normal Plaza area.  (The old ISSCS for long-time residents.)  But the '1' was a friend of the mayor, so that was the only input that was truly listened to.  That area, dominated by a park and playground, multiple private schools, and other facilities that host children's activities, is now zoned to allow alcohol sales.

There are other examples but these are the most prominent and/or recent.

So do you want to have representation at city hall? 
If you are a close friend of the mayor or a council member who thinks that opinions from everyday citizens should be ignored, there are three candidates that will represent you and your views.
If you think that All citizens should have a voice in town government, there are three candidates that want to represent you and your views - Stand Nord, Marc Tiritilli, and of course Karl Sila.
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