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The council wanted a very specific building build at the Circle.  In order to get what they Wanted instead of letting a developer build what was Needed, we're ending up spending millions to Subsidize Luxury Apartments and deal with the eyesore of a chronically-empty first floor.

The council wants to build an expensive and inconvenient underpass under the tracks between the Town Hall and the Children's Discovery Museum.  That's millions of dollars that could go towards better roads, paying down bonds so we save on interest, water and sewer maintenance, or improving our underfunded first-responder pensions.

The council voted to increase our local gasoline tax, and the first project they put forth was expanding bike paths towards Rivian, where very few people will use them.  Perhaps we should address potholes and other infrastructure first.

The council has voted for multiple water rate increases lately.  Then they called building unrequested redundant water mains on the west side a 'critical' expense while some residents have been dealing with brown tapwater for two years and there were no plans to address this for at least two more years until Mayoral Candidate Marc Tiritilli applied pressure to make the issue more widely known.
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